Pibow Coupe enclosure for my Raspberry Pi 2

When I ordered my Raspberry Pi 2 I also ordered a little enclosure called the Pibow Coupe. Since the layout of the Pi 2 is the same I assumed every case would fit. Unfortunately that was not the case for this specific enclosure. But with a little help of my Dremel I managed to adjust it a little bit and it now fits perfectly.

When you build the case around your Pi board they little layers are numbered. Number 1 and 2 are at the bottom, than you put your Pi on top of it, than layer 3. This layer needed some adjustments. I removed a little part of the plastic at 3 areas. After that it fitted perfectly.

WP_20150218_005 adjusted

I am happy with the end result


I like this case because it exposes all the GPIO ports so it’s easy to fool around and play with the device when adding sensors and other circuits.

Raspberry Pi 2 arrived

Last month Microsoft announced support for Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 2. That was a perfect excuse to order one myself as well (I ordered mine at MCM Electronics).

Although it was in backorder it took less than a week to arrive. I also ordered a good power supply and a nice little case. Of course you need a memory card. 8Gb micro SD card should be enough for most situations.


Installing the Raspberry is easy. Download the Noob zip file. Unzip it to the already formatted micros SD, put it in the Raspberry, connect your screen with HDMI, mouse and keyboard through USB and a network cable in the network connector. Plug in the power and you are good to go.

First question is what you want to install. The Noobs install comes with a few choices. Pick the first one.


Wait a little bit.


And you will see a lot of linux stuff appearing on the screen.WP_20150217_005

Final choices. I just clicked Finish.WP_20150217_006

Et voila, a $35 computer is waiting for instructions.WP_20150217_007

Of course I want to put Windows 10 on this device. Yes I do have access to internal bits but I cannot blog about that stuff just yet.

SmartThings: Switch dimmer to 100% and return to original value when contact closes.

This was bothering me for some time. In the hallway we have a wardrobe closet but that part of the hallway is kind of dark. I was already planning to change the dimmers (2 way) for z-wave ones, but I want to have something smart here as well. Whenever I open the closet I want to lights to go to 100% but when I close the closet they should return to the original value (either it off, or dimmed etc).

That happens to be really easy, I found this thread in the SmartThings forum http://community.smartthings.com/t/smart-light-timer-dimmer-modification-is-this-possible/11133/6

You need a little smart app. When a contact opens it turns the dimmers to 100%, remembers the original value first and subscribes to the close event of the contact, when the contact closes again the original value is restored.

Sounds what I need is possible, so ordered the contact sensor from Amazon (click click Smile)