BUILD 2017 videos from Windows (UWP)

As every year, Windows was a big part of BUILD. For convenience (and my own) I listed all recorded and pre-recorded sessions from Windows below. Enjoy (Click the title of the session to go to the Channel9 page).

Breakout Session Title Speakers
App Model evolution Andrew Clinick
What’s new in the Microsoft Design Language Bojana Ostojic; Paul Gusmorino
Build Amazing Apps with Fluent Design James Clarke;Paul Gusmorino
What’s new and coming for Windows UI: XAML and composition Ashish Shetty; Tim Heuer
Bring your desktop apps to UWP and the Windows Store using the Desktop Bridge John Sheehan;Peyman Zanjani
Windows Ink and Microsoft Surface Dial David Abzarian;Sha Viswanathan
Cross-device and cross-platform experiences with Project Rome and Microsoft Graph Vikas Bhatia;Carmen Forsmann
App engagement in Windows and Cortana with User Activities and Project Rome Shawn Henry;Juan Oviedo
XAML custom controls for UWP: Start to finish

Nikola Metulev

John Bristowe (Telerik)

Explore the next generation of innovative UI in the Visual Layer

Kelly Renner

Lindsay Kubasik

Tip, tricks, and secrets: Building a great UWP app for PC

Stefan Wick

Ginny Caughey

Modernize Win32 apps with maximum code reuse, cross-platform reach, and efficient DevOps

Mike Battista

Joshua Weber

Introducing Adaptive Cards

Matt Hidinger

Lei Xu

What’s new in Xamarin.Forms

David Ortinau

Jason Smith

Microsoft Edge: What’s new and what’s next for the web and web apps on Windows

Kyle Pflug

Nadia Fortini

Progressive web apps and the Windows ecosystem Aaron Gustafson
Ten things you didn’t know about Visual Studio 2017 for building .NET UWP apps

Daniel Jacobson

Clint Rutkas

Using the Windows Subsystem for Linux and the Windows Console for a next gen dev experience

Gilles Khouzam

Jack Hammons

Windows Store: Manage and promote apps your way

Bernardo Zamora

Jonathan Garrigues

Proven tips for a successful Windows Store app

Jaime Rodriguez

Sonia Carlson

Nextgen UWP app distribution: Building extensible, stream-able, componentized apps

John Vintzel

Sandeep Mathew George

Connected intelligent things with Windows IoT Core and Azure IoT 

Rushmi Malaviarachchi

Sam George

The road to commercialization for your Windows IoT solution  Jason Farmer
Unity and Windows holographic tooling and intro to mixed reality Mark Schoennagel (Unity)
State of play: Modern game development

Andrew Parsons

James Yarrow

Windows 10 identity overview

Matthew Palko

Yogesh Mehta

Developing on Windows Server:  Containers, Docker, .NET Core, Service Fabric, and more

Steve Lasker

Taylor Brown




Recorded Session Title Speakers
IoT Studio: Development of apps that can control OCF devices Luiz Felipe Lage Campos Tenaglia; Srikrishna Gurugubelli
Bridges to UWP for Retail Point-of-Sale Application Developers Marcus Breda; Terry Warwick
Advancing commerce: Bring a fast and easy checkout experience to your customers across the web, UWP platform, and bots Jonathan Cutler; Molly Dalton; Stan Chang
My People on the Taskbar is a Window to Your App Allison O’Mahony; Tony Pendolino
Collect and analyze crashes for your Windows apps using the Visual Studio Mobile Center Ela Malani; Francis Zhou
Lighting up HDR and advanced color in Microsoft DirectX Simon Tao
Desktop Bridge: Smooth user transition and migration Arian Ghotbi
Introduction to Windows 10 Accessibility Jeff Petty
Vector Iconography: Using SVG images in your app Rick Manning
OpenType variable fonts: How to use fewer fonts and get a lot more typographic richness Peter Constable; Shrinath Shanbhag
WinAppDriver Yosef Durr
No more blurriness: Making your desktop application render crisply on high DPI displays James Clarke; Peter Felts
Beyond App Containers: Gaining privileged access to hardware inside your Windows app using custom capabilities Ben McGregor; Viraf Gandhi
Innovate faster with Windows as a Service (WaaS) Ethel Garcia Simon Matachana; Steve DiAcetis
WebVR: Adding VR to your websites and web apps David Rousset; Etienne Margraff
Production tracing with Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) Doug Cook
Surface Dial: What’s new for developers in the Creators Update Connor Weins
File Access Improvements in UWP Apps Adam Wilson; Steve Maillet
A quick lap around Microsoft Monetization Platform Kiran Bangalore
Bot Conversations for Apps Khuram Shahid
Go big! Optimizing your applications for large screen experiences  Mark Rideout
Maximizing user engagement and conversions with customized app content Yamil Hernandez
Dev Center analytics for Win32 applications Sonia Carlson
How to add an in-app purchase flow to your desktop app leveraging the Desktop Bridge Vladimir Postel
Microsoft’s Universal User Acquisition Platform Anusha Subramanian
Xbox Live Creators Program Mehmet Erkilic
Enable natural pen interaction by using Ink Analysis to better understand users’ ink Jianfeng Lin
Maximizing revenue through advanced pricing, sales and scheduling configuration in Dev Center Bernardo Zamora
App Diagnostics #1 – The New APIs Andrew Whitechapel
App Diagnostics #2: App Profiling Andrew Whitechapel
Windows 10 on ARM Hari Pulapaka
What’s new for multi-tasking in UWP? Chris Cortes
Tips and Tricks for Creating Performant UI in UWP David Li; Robert Mikhayelyan
Bluetooth 1: Intro to Bluetooth Explorer Frank Gorgenyi; Steffen Froehlich
Bluetooth 2: Unpaired Bluetooth LE device connectivity Frank Gorgenyi
Bluetooth 3: Bluetooth GATT Server in Windows 10  Frank Gorgenyi