WiFi enabled my Roomba

A month ago I purchased my Roomba 780. At home we have a dog (German Sheppard) and we had to vacuum at least once a day (ok my wife did that :)) I thought; let me help a little in our household so I bought this device. At nights it automatically cleans the floor and when we leave the house we can manually start it as well by hitting the clean button or using the remote. So far we are really happy with it. Our daughter called the vacuum Toet! so that’s how we call it as well.

When searching the internet I found out the Roomba devices have a little connector and the specs for that connector are available as well (Roomba SCI Specs) There are also Bluetooth devices on the market which connect to this connector. When searching more I also found the folks of Roomba Wi-Fi Remote made a Wi-Fi connector. This was even more cool because you can connect the Roomba to your Wifi network (it also can be used in adhoc network mode) and you can potentially connect from the outside world as well. How cool would it be to connect to your Roomba from your work and see what the little guy is doing. So I ordered a Wi-Fi Remote on their site. They have a JSON/XML interface next to the web interface. So I am now planning to build a Windows 8 and Windows Phone app to control my Roomba remotely 🙂

Here are some pictures of the device:

WP_20130211_001WP_20130211_003 WP_20130211_005 WP_20130211_007

Now I also need to figure out what kind of IP camera I want to attach to Toet! so I can watch when it’s working around the house 🙂


Comment by Karen on 2019-10-06 12:16:05 -0800

Hi Matthijs – Did this work? Where can I buy this to add to my Roomba 780?


Comment by Mario Di Gennaro on 2020-01-19 11:54:26 -0800

I get the RooWiFi last week but I can’t connect it to my local WiFi – any tips ?

AVM FritzBox

Comment by Joseph Attard on 2020-04-09 16:29:46 -0800

Where did you purchase the RooWiFi from and how much did it cost?