V1 and V2 Identity and Access tokens with Azure Active Directory

This has caused me a ton of confusion and my customers keep getting confused as well. Azure Active Directory has been around for some time now. Some time ago we added a new endpoint (V2) which is more standards compliant and supports both AAD and MSA accounts and for example features like incremental consent. Still people get confused about our numbering scheme and I totally understand why. Let me try to explain a little bit how this all works.

How to integrate the Microsoft Identity Platform (AAD or B2C) with custom JWT authentication for Realm Cloud in .NET

Wow that’s the longest blogpost title I have ever used. Hopefully this will help finding this page if you are searching for a solution I am describing here. One of our customers came to us with a question how to integrate our B2C product with Realm Cloud. I had looked at this product before but didn’t know what technically was possible for integration with B2C. The request was to use B2C tokens with the custom JWT Authentication Realm cloud supports.