ASP.Net core

Our Microsoft Identity Platform developer training videos are published

We have been delivering developer training on the Microsoft Identity platform around the world. We finally managed to hit the studio and get some of these recorded. One of the big changes we made over time is to steer away from protocol details more towards concepts and APIs. It’s like why explain how NTFS works while you only want to write a file to disk with an API. The entire series from me and my colleage Kyle Marsh are worthwhile watching.

Authenticate an Azure AD user with SAML for ASP.NET Core

The other day I needed a test application to try something with SAML support in Azure Active Directory. I started looking how to configure an ASP.NET Core webapplication to support SAML. It’s very easy to set it up for OIDC authentication but I found out ASP.Net (core) doesn’t support SAML out of the box. Google to the rescue and ignoring the blogpost from my colleague Christos (he’s wrong, it’s WS-Fed not SAML he’s using in his blogpost) , I found a few 3rd parties who build support for ASP.

Configure Domain_hint in core

This took me way to much time to figure out since there is a ton of old information on the internet. I wanted to change the default behavior when people are logging in to my ASP.NET Core website using Azure Active Directory (or Microsoft Identity Platform). After some searching I figured out how to change this setting. You have to add the following piece of code to the ConfigureService method in your Startup.