BUILD 2017 videos from Windows (UWP)

As every year, Windows was a big part of BUILD. For convenience (and my own) I listed all recorded and pre-recorded sessions from Windows below. Enjoy (Click the title of the session to go to the Channel9 page). Breakout Session Title <td style="background-color: #4472c4; border: 1px solid;"> <span style="font-weight: bold; color: white;">Speakers</span> </td> </tr> <tr> <td style="width: 436px; background-color: #b4c6e7; border: 1px solid;"> <span style="color: black;"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">App Model evolution</a></span> </td> <td style="background-color: #b4c6e7; border: 1px solid;"> <span style="color: black;">Andrew Clinick</span> </td> </tr> <tr> <td style="width: 436px; background-color: #d9e1f2; border: 1px solid;"> <span style="color: black;"><a href="https://channel9.

How to set configuration in your Universal Windows Application through MDM

One thing I hear over and over again when talking to (enterprise) developers is that they struggle with configuration management for UWP applications. In the past they just edited a app.config (or web.config) file on the machines to point an app to a test, acceptance or production environment. In UWP we have a app.config file as well but it’s hidden away in some obscure directory protected by some more restricted ACL.

Interesting shortcut on Windows: Windows+Ctrl+Shift+B

The advantage of working inside the Windows engineering group is you stumble upon some cool or weird new and old features you never knew about. One of this nuggets is the keyboard shortcut Windows+Ctrl+Shift+B. So what does it do? It resets the graphics subsystem on your machine (and makes your machine say Beep!). Apparently this was introduced in the Vista timeframe where we introduced the new Desktop Windows Manager (DWM) in Vista.

How to use any app in assigned access mode in Windows 10

As I wrote before, by default when you setup assigned access the UI only shows app which have the aboveLockScreen extension registered. I talked to the PM who owns this feature to ask why and the reason is because we changed the behavior of how assigned access works (lock the screen and launch the app above the lock screen) we found out a lot of existing apps crash when running on the lock screen, so we changed the UI to only show apps which are designed to run above the lock screen.

How to debug DirextX on Windows 10 Mobile

Another one of these little ‘gotchas’. Morten asked the question why he couldn’t debug DirectX on mobile, but it was possible on desktop and the IOT version of windows 10. I am not a DirectX expert at all, but this was weird. So I asked around internally what was going on. First, if you want to do this on Desktop you need to install the graphics tools as an additional feature before you can do this.

Why do I only see OneNote and Skype when setting up assigned access in Windows 10?

edit; this now just works for any application in the latest version of Windows 10. So the manifest is not needed anymore. If you are trying to setup assigned access in Windows 10, you go to settings, accounts, Other Users and there is a link to ‘set up assigned access’. First you need to create a local account you can use for assigned access. You can do that at this ‘Other users’ dialog as well.

How to use a video as your account picture in Windows

I just found out you can use a video instead of an image as your account picture in Windows (works with Windows 8.1 and up). Pretty neat effect. Post by Matthijs Hoekstra. So this is how you set it up. Go to your start screen, click on your name, choose ‘change account picture’ Instead of browsing for a picture you click on camera. In the camera screen make sure you switch to vide mode.