Quickly setup a cheap custom SSL website using Azure storage, static websites and CDN

When testing my Verifiable Credentials (MS Entra Verified ID) tenants, I typically need a website to host the did-configuration.json and, when using did:web, a did.json file. Since these files need SSL access I can’t use azure BLOB storage. What I end up using, and is very cheap (pennies on a dollar), is Azure Static websites, and an Azure CDN with a custom domain. These are the steps to set it up:

Easy trick to test your Azure Active Directory returned ID Tokens

The other day I was trying to troubleshoot an issue where I needed to know what the content of an ID token coming from AAD was for a mobile application. The application was setup to use code flow with PKCE and using fiddler to troubleshoot this didn’t work since AAD is protected with SSL pinning so trying to have fiddler be the man in the middle didn’t work out. It helped me figuring out what request was sent to the server but not the content of the response.

Migrating my blog from Wordpress to Hugo

I finally took the plunge and started to move my blog from Wordpress to Hugo. I had some issues recently where my Wordpress site didn’t work anymore. 1 issue was with the syntax highlighting for the code snippets, caused by an old plugin and new secure browser settings. Took me a while to fix. And recently the editor of Wordpress stopped working properly since there was a secure header setting changed on azure which broke some Javascript on the admin side of Wordpress.