List of tasks I need to figure out for my home automation project

As I described before I am working on a little project to use some Lumia 640s in the house to control the home automation. Besides figuring out how to configure and roll out the devices, and figuring out how exactly I am going to put them in the walls, I also have a laundry list of items I need to figure out for the app on the device. Instead of waiting before everything is done I thought it might be useful to take you along the ride. It might even result in some people mentioning to me some of the things I need to figure out are already out there.

So this is the current list of ‘issues’ or tasks I want to figure out before bringing everything together in an app.

  1. App needs to Run forever (embedded mode in mobile like on RPI2)
  2. Dim screen when not used for x minutes (Windows.System.Display.DisplayRequest() helps preventing the lock, need a screensaver to prevent burn in)
  3. Resume app or display screen when movement is detected by using the camera as sensor
  4. Hey Cortana/speech integration in app (dim the lights, goodnight, increase temperature etc)
  5. Walkyie-Talkie or intercom functionality between rooms and broadcast (alljoyn?)
  6. Other device discovery to connect to for the walkie-talkie functionality etc.
  7. App is a Bluetooth beacon in every room (
  8. Self-updating via update app
  9. IP Camera integration so I can watch the cameras from every room
  10. Alljoyn temp control for my Nest and perhaps per room when I add that future system as well
  11. Goodnight command to smartthings so i can turn off all lights in the entire house
  12. Alljoyn light control
  13. Motion sensor in garage and at frontdoor switches on security view on phone
  14. Wakeup time
  15. Radio/music/speaker in room control