Creating my config.gateway.json provisioning file for my USG

As described in a few previous blog posts I needed to set some configuration through the command line for my USG. But every time you provision the USG the changes will be lost. This can be solved to store the changes in the config.gateway.json file on my cloud key. Since the cloud key is running Ubuntu I can find that file in /usr/lib/unifi/data/sites/default (your site can be named differently, but mine is the default).

This is my current configuration, it both contains the IPV6 configuration for Comcast and my VPN routing information. Line 74-89, Line 135-173 are the lines specific to my source address based routing setup.

What I did to create this file was login to my USG, via configure set 1 configuration file. Entered the command mca-ctrl -t dump-cfg to see what the config looked like and copied the correct node into the file. After saving I did a forced provisioning of the USG from the UI and checked if it worked (show configuration).