Welcome to my blog

Yes, finally, after many years I am starting my own blog on my own domain hoekstraonline.net. I have been blogging for a while on my Microsoft blog but I decided this holiday I wanted to blog in English (the MS blog is only Dutch) and want to write about more than just the MS work I do. I will still be posting on my MS blog and perhaps do some crosspostings once in a while too.

This blog is meant to use as a simple journal. Share stuff I figured out might be interesting for others as well and just recording stuff I might need later too. One of the reasons I want to share is because I like to read other blogs too. I learn an amazing amount of new stuff every day by just reading blogposts. Perhaps some people might learn from some stuff I write down.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or write me a message via email matthijs@hoekstraonline.net or twitter @mahoekst


Matthijs Hoekstra