Setting the Nest to away and home in combination with SmartThings

I wanted to make it even easier for myself when I leave and enter the house. What we do now when we leave the house we set the Nest to away and when we return we set it to Home. That’s something we can automate with SmartThings.

I found this script on github:

So when I set my home to goodbye the Nest goes in ‘away’ mode and when ‘I am back’ the nest goes in to ‘home’ mode. That’s all.

I don’t need to connect the motion sensor since that’s already hooked up to the different modes in SmartThings, I only need the nest to respond to those mode changes. So I might change the script a little in the future to adjust it to just this scenario.

So go the web IDE  and create a new smartApp. Select From code and paste the code, save, and publish to me.

Go to your phone and use the app to add the custom app, hit the + swipe to My Apps and select the Thermostat Away mode app.