Build first SmartThings scenario, turn off/on lights at sunset and sunrise

As I described in my previous post I want to create a couple of scenarios in my house.

The first one is a simple one. I want my lights at the front of my house automatically turn on and off when the sun sets and rises. I replaced my outlet switch with a z-wave switch and connected it to my SmartThings hub.

After that it’s easy. Go to your SmartThings apps. Click on the + sign on the bottom of the page. Swipe to Actions. Select Lighting. Choose ‘Turn lights on using a schedule’, ‘Add new light/switch’, give it a name, in my case ‘entrée’, Next, choose devices for ‘entrée’,  select what you want to switch on at the entrée so I selected my switch. Check the ‘turn on at Sunset’, you can specify the level of the dimmer as well. Next and Done.

Now repeat this step to turn lights off using a schedule to turn the lights of in the morning at sunrise.

There is probably a smartapp which can do the same, but this way you don’t have to go the webpage and add the apps through the IDE.

So first scenario is done.