Pibow Coupe enclosure for my Raspberry Pi 2

When I ordered my Raspberry Pi 2 I also ordered a little enclosure called the Pibow Coupe. Since the layout of the Pi 2 is the same I assumed every case would fit. Unfortunately that was not the case for this specific enclosure. But with a little help of my Dremel I managed to adjust it a little bit and it now fits perfectly.

When you build the case around your Pi board they little layers are numbered. Number 1 and 2 are at the bottom, than you put your Pi on top of it, than layer 3. This layer needed some adjustments. I removed a little part of the plastic at 3 areas. After that it fitted perfectly.

WP_20150218_005 adjusted

I am happy with the end result


I like this case because it exposes all the GPIO ports so it’s easy to fool around and play with the device when adding sensors and other circuits.