Wish list SmartThings scenarios in my house

Since I bought the SmartThings hub and several switches and sensors I was thinking which scenarios I exactly want to work. So far I have been fooling around and I found out if you want a complete working set of scenarios without me using the app all the time to set my house in a state I want, I need to think it through and build all the scenarios from the beginning. So step 1 is writing the scenarios down and determine what the conditions are.

So I am listing the scenarios and will give them a number and can work from that list.

  1. Outdoor lights at the front door need to turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise.
    • In the morning when I come downstairs the lights in the kitchen and living need to turn on. The Sonos need to turn on in the Kitchen. Temperature set to 69. I want to use a motion sensor to detect when I come down in the morning.
      Conditions: Lights turn on when it’s still dark outside (before sunrise). When somebody comes down before 5:00 in the morning the Sonos does not have to turn on. When I come down in the morning I want to switch to ‘good morning status’ When I come downstairs before 5:00 the lights need to turn off automatically when no motion is detected after 5 minutes.
      • When the status is ‘away’ and motion is detected switch to ‘I’m back’ and turn on the lights when it’s after sunset. The Nest needs to be set to ‘home’ when it’s in ‘away’ mode. This is when we come back through the garage or the front door (after work, or shopping or taking a walk for example)
        • When I switch the house to ‘good night’ everything needs to switch off automatically after 5 minutes, which gives me some time to connect my phone to the charger, put the empty cup in the kitchen etc and head upstairs. Temperature is set to 60.
          • When leaving the house I will set the status manually to ‘goodbye’. Lights will turn of after a few minutes, and Nest is switched to ‘away’ immediately. When I return home scenario 3 needs to kick in.

            • When I leave to work I want to set the mode to ‘goodbye to work’ which means only the lights and Sonos is switched off but the Nest is left as it is. So when Sandra comes downstairs the temperature is still as we want it to be.
All these scenarios need to work without me needing to use the app. I am ok switching the lights off in the morning when it’s getting lighter outside. I might add a light sensor in the future to do this automatically as well.

When this works I want to add a sensor to our cars so the garage door can automatically open and close when we arrive and leave with the cars too.

I decided not to mess around with the ‘auto’ away settings etc from the Nest in combination with the SmartThings hub. That’s way to complicated and doesn’t add any value I think.