SmartThings: Switch dimmer to 100% and return to original value when contact closes.

This was bothering me for some time. In the hallway we have a wardrobe closet but that part of the hallway is kind of dark. I was already planning to change the dimmers (2 way) for z-wave ones, but I want to have something smart here as well. Whenever I open the closet I want to lights to go to 100% but when I close the closet they should return to the original value (either it off, or dimmed etc).

That happens to be really easy, I found this thread in the SmartThings forum

You need a little smart app. When a contact opens it turns the dimmers to 100%, remembers the original value first and subscribes to the close event of the contact, when the contact closes again the original value is restored.

Sounds what I need is possible, so ordered the contact sensor from Amazon (click click Smile)