About this blog, it’s wordpress running on Microsoft Azure

Why not describe how I installed this blog? Perhaps you are surprised I run this blog on WordPress while I am working at Microsoft 🙂 that’s ok but I like to play around with other stuff than just Microsoft technology. It helps me being informed about what people are also using (and yes I know not the entire world is using Microsoft technology) and WordPress actually runs perfectly fine on Microsoft Azure. So that’s what I did. I have a MSDN subscription which comes with 1500 hours of Azure time. If you setup WordPress on Azure websites it’s even for free!

So this is what I did. Logged in on the Azure portal, clicked New, Web Site, From Gallery and selected WordPress.


You need to select a unique url for azurewebsites.net. Create a new MySQL Database and the location where you want all this created (which for me is Western Europe). The MySQL database (20MB) is hosted by ClearDB. That’s all there is to installing wordpress on Azure. I later changed the configuration of the website from free to shared so I could configure my own domain hoekstraonline.net for this website.

John Papa described the proces I more detail in his blogpost here.

The last step I did was moving the wordpress stuff into the wordpress directory. That proces is described here. This gives me a nice clean directory where I can put other junk in the future when I try to experiment more with azure and some mobile services and .net stuff I want to build. (and it’s an easy backup through ftp by just copying the wordpress directory locally.)

Welcome to my blog

Yes, finally, after many years I am starting my own blog on my own domain hoekstraonline.net. I have been blogging for a while on my Microsoft blog but I decided this holiday I wanted to blog in English (the MS blog is only Dutch) and want to write about more than just the MS work I do. I will still be posting on my MS blog and perhaps do some crosspostings once in a while too.

This blog is meant to use as a simple journal. Share stuff I figured out might be interesting for others as well and just recording stuff I might need later too. One of the reasons I want to share is because I like to read other blogs too. I learn an amazing amount of new stuff every day by just reading blogposts. Perhaps some people might learn from some stuff I write down.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or write me a message via email matthijs@hoekstraonline.net or twitter @mahoekst


Matthijs Hoekstra